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Simple. Naive. Enchanting. Dreamer’s Sonata is actually not a sonata at all. But it will soothe the soul.

Piano solo.


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Dreamer’s Sonata is actually not a sonata at all. (I didn’t know that back in my freshman year of high school, however, when I wrote and named the piece.) Instead of a sonata’s classical form with exposition, development and recapitulation of a basic theme, Dreamer’s Sonata has several entirely different themes (seven to be exact) played one after another with no hint of form at all until the very end when pieces of two previous melodic themes are repeated to sum it up. Oops.

So, why don’t I change the name? Hmm. I’d rather write an explanation…

It was my first composition. I was only 14 years old when I performed it at the annual Bremerton High talent show. I was the dreamer; it was my song (and my thesaurus did list sonata as an alternative word choice for song). I won that talent show first place overall. A woman in the audience sitting behind my parents gasped when I finished and said, “Beautiful.” My older sister caught me back stage and cried. There were accolades all around. It was my awakening to an identity as a composer. How could I change it’s name?

And I like it the way it is. Simple. Naive. Enchanting. What did I know of form back then? What rules did I follow but what satisfied my ear? And now with years of training and experience I struggle to write a piece with the same purity and unencumbered passion. I’m not making an argument against formal training–only an explanation for not changing the name–for education is what brings the freedom to write what I want to write. Even so, my first song, my Dreamer’s Sonata, gives me a place to go.

(The composition has been updated since it’s original.)

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